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Horse Book List

Content last updated July 15, 1996 by Deb Stevenson.

Words from Deb:

This is a list of books about horses; the books are mainly recreational in nature and are largely children's books, although there are sections for adult books, non-fiction, and even, at the end, horsey movies. Any good mail-order place can tell you about 20 different books to help you with saddle fit--this list is where you can find the title of that Marguerite Henry book you read in childhood, or see what ones you missed and now want to read, or what you want to give to your horsey kids.

In my dayjob, I see all the new U.S. children's books, so I add the horsey ones on if they're at all bearable :-). I also take mentions of books from rec. equestrian, particularly the fiction, or fun reads, or those books generally agreed upon as *the* book to read in a particular area. This is not an attempt to be comprehensive. I only add books if somebody has recommended them, but this is a lowest-common denominator list--as long as somebody likes it, it's on here, even if other people disagreed. If people want to e-mail me about a book that's not on there, or with a question or correction, that's fine too.

Particular improvements since last list are adult fiction, foxhunting books, and classical horsemanship and dressage theory. Thanks (and maybe a teeny bit of cursing :-)) to everybody who helped with suggestions in the interim. Categories are getting more approximate than ever, especially in the non-fiction section. I hope to overhaul the divisions at some future leisurely time, but in the meantime (and probably even later) you should take the breakdown with a grain of salt and be sure to check the listings under "miscellaneous."

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