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About Holistic Horsemanship®

Jessica Jahiel's system of horsemanship, Holistic Horsemanship®, employs the philosophies, the training techniques, and riding elements of classical riding. Balance, harmony, suppleness, rhythm, and clear, kind communication in the form of a constant dialogue between horse and rider -- these are classical precisely because they are kind and correct and they work. The methods and goals of classical horsemanship are timeless and are applicable to any horse, regardless of breed or riding discipline.

Whether a rider's interest is in classical dressage as such, or whether it lies in using good training to improve the mind, physique, and athletic ability of an eventer, a jumper, a hunter, a reiner, a cutter, an endurance horse, a competitive trail horse or "just" a pleasure horse, this system will work -- without fear, force, or pain, and without gadgets or special equipment designed to increase a rider's leverage or control.

The methods and goals of classical horsemanship have stood the test of time and represent the cumulative wisdom of horseman across the millenia back to the first recorded writings of Greek writer Xenophon in the 4th century BCE. Indeed, much of what is currently termed Natural Horsemanship represents a modern rediscovery of some of these classical principles of horsemanship.

The key concepts in Holistic Horsemanship are communication, confidence, balance, and harmony -- not coercion or control. The development of communication between horse and rider establishes cooperation between them. This cooperation allows them to work confidently together in balance, which in turn promotes harmony. Holistic Horsemanship® uses finesse, not force, and the results are achieved more smoothly and easily than most riders could possibly imagine.