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Due to my heavy writing schedule, I am only be available for a limited number of private clinics. Please email me at jessica@jessicajahiel.com for details.


Do you want to improve:
- your horse?
- your riding?
- your schooling?
- your scores?

Dr. Jahiel's popular Holistic Horsemanship® clinics cover a wide range of topics. Learn to improve your horse's gaits, attitude, performance and behaviour.

  • Problem-solving: learn to identify the root causes of horse behavior problems and to solve them in a way that promotes a positive, healthy relationship between horse and handler or rider. Appropriate for all breeds and disciplines.
  • Starting your young horse: begin his working life correctly, avoid the problems that can arise later.
  • Longeing: equipment, techniques, and benefits. Systematic training for young horses, trained horses, and for horses and riders.
  • Tack selection and fitting: Does your tack suit your horse? Does your tack fit your horse? Appropriate for all breeds.
  • Gait improvement: you can improve your horse's walk, trot, and canter. Appropriate for all breeds and disciplines.
  • Tuneups and troubleshooting: preparing for competitions. Appropriate for dressage and eventing disciplines.
  • Hands-on help for your horse: passive stretching and pressure-point massage. Appropriate for all breeds.

Other clinic topics include Dressage Dynamics and Training Techniques, beginning classical training, dressage from the judge's point of view, how to interpret scores and comments, tips and exercises for improving scores, and Exercises for Eventers: flatwork and gymnastics for better jumping, how to walk a cross-country course, horse and rider exercises for improved cross-country performance.

Clinics can be adapted for groups of any size and riding level, and customized or specialty clinics can be arranged with a minimum of four weeks notice.

Horse Psychology seminars may be arranged alone or in conjunction with any riding or training clinic.

Riding Clinic Format

The clinician observes, analyzes, and discusses individual riders, then suggests exercises and techniques for strengthening their weaker areas. Rides are followed by Q&A sessions. Observers are welcome.

Teaching Style: personalized instruction. Teaching techniques and individual exercises are based on the clinician's assessment of each horse/rider combination.

Dr. Jahiel's immediate goal is to help individuals help themselves, build rider self-awareness and encourage riders to become their own coaches. Riders learn techniques of positive practice, and improve their ability to work alone. Her long-term goal is to develop balanced, willing, forward horses and thoughtful, tactful riders.

Riders learn how to increase their horses' attentiveness, responsiveness, and athletic ability; how to anticipate and prevent resistances; how to help their horses become more consistent. Finesse, not force, is the key: no harsh tactics or equipment are used or allowed, and no "quick fixes" are administered.

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