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Over the years, these resources have been very popular with riders and readers.

Games Book: Ideas for Mounted and Unmounted Meetings

By Jessica Jahiel. I originally wrote this for Pony Club back in 1992. This printable booklet offers a variety of mounted and unmounted activities suitable for children as well as adults. View online or download MS Word file (42K) [50 pages, one activity per page].

Horse Book List

Compiled by Deb Stevenson. A list of adult and juvenile horse books, as well as non-fiction books and movies. It's like the Wayback Machine if you're looking for that favorite horse book or movie you enjoyed when you were a kid. Horse Book List.

For Clinic Organizers

By Jessica Jahiel. Detailed, point-by-point guidelines for organizing and hosting a successful clinic. For Clinic Organizers

Still to Come

We are working to add back other popular resources from the old site, including the Horseman's Bookshelf recommended book list.

Off-site Resources

I was pleased to host these outstanding resources on my Web site for a number of years until their authors established their own Web sites.

Scheve Trailer FAQ

The very informative FAQ by Neva Scheve, co-owner of the Sport Horse Trailer Company and EquiSpirit Trailer Company is now available on the EquiSpirit Web site: Horse Trailer Safety Information. A number of articles are also available: Important Information on Traveling with Horses The Scheve's book The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer is considered the industry standard on the subject.

Articles by Alayne Blickle

Creating a Sacrifice Area and Composting Horse Manure are both available for downloading at a modest cost from Alayne Blickle's Horses for Clean Water Web site. See under Publications for Sale. Alayne also offers The Green Horse, a free monthly email newsletter.